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Chelsea Reilly

Chelsea has over a decade of experience choreographing, coordinating shows and performing in three different states. Her depth of knowledge drives the group to create shows and experiences tailored to any event or entertainment need. An expert on aerial silks, aerial hammock, lyra, fire dancing, fire breathing, burlesque performance and stilt walking; Chelsea does it all with the greatest of ease.

Ashley Kae

Ashley is the definition of multi-talented. Not only is she a striking performer in the air, but put her on the ground with a hoop and you will find yourself completely entranced. Ashley’s flow with a single hoop or double hoops is effortless and becomes utterly captivating once she lights them on fire. Beyond hooping, Ashley is stunning on the silk, aerial hammock and lyra. Not only does she excel in performing but she also creates all of her hoops, fire hoops, fire fans, jewelry and costumes.


Mindy O'Brien

Mindy is a technical perfectionist on the silk and hammock and always is working to push herself to new heights. She consistently charms audiences with her cheeky smile and poise in the air. Whether she is high above the crowd about to drop, twisting herself around in the hammock, or dancing with fans of fire; Mindy never fails to draw a wild roar from the audience.

Jazzy Reagan

Jazzy Reagan brings 10 years of training in dance, acrobatics and gymnastics to her stunning aerial performances.  She is a skilled flow artist, sought after for her innovative fire performances.  She delights crowds with her contortionist flexibility on lyra, silk and hammock.  Our blonde beauty certainly lives up to her name.

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